A quick post to say “hello!”

A new space for Indie games.

Hey there, folks! Welcome to the brand new IndieGames/WTF blog!

This awesome project came to life in 2021 during the pandemic. Initially, all we wanted was a simple Twitter bot to retweet #indiegamedev content and create a weekly gallery of #screenshotsaturday posts (which you can still find on this website). But then, we realized that Elon Musk might wipe out all the Twitter bots and decided to level up our game.

So, what’s the idea behind the new IndieGames/WTF? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. We want to provide a fresh space for the indie game dev community. We’re always coming across fantastic projects and we’re eager to connect with the people behind them, to get to know them and their stories. We’re just genuinely curious! That’s why we started this project. We want to learn more about you and your games. So brace yourselves because we’re going to reach out to you with questions about your next game 😉

We hope you, our readers, find this approach intriguing because our aim is to have a blast and offer you insights into the best indie game projects out there (and not just the biggest ones…).

Yari D’areglia

The Lone Blade

The Lone Blade

an unconventional gameplay!