A two-person IndieDev adventure

Charles Pokrowiecki and Filip Smolnicki are the two guys behind Lumino games, a small team with a huge and definitely cool indie game project in mind! Let’s dive into the interview and remember to follow the team if you want to get updates about their work with AFTERBLAST;)

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Could you tell us how did you jump into this project?

At the beginning of our adventure we started from making mobile games together, because they are usually less complicated. As our skills grew, both of us felt pretty fast that we wanted to create something more complex. Thus, we decided to start working on AFTERBLAST – a video game playable on PC and consoles. It allowed us to better express our creativity, because in mobile games there were too many technical limitations.

OK, it is time to know more about AFTERBLAST. Describe the game in a few words.

AFTERBLAST is a singleplayer & co-op rogue-lite FPS. It combines dynamic gameplay and an arcade-style feel with procedural dungeons, a character’s progression, skills, unique weapons, and a permanent death

You are achieving amazing results for a two-person team! which is your secret? 😉

Thank you, we are really flattered to hear that!

I have to admit that this is a real challenge. But, the support we receive and the fact that people like the stuff we create helps us a lot. 

We both often understand each other without words, we know that we have a common vision of the project and that we can rely on each other when it comes to our duties.

Unreal Engine as a tool also helps us a lot in achieving the planned goals. That’s why we try to be up to date with all the new solutions that could make our work a bit easier.

Is there any particular “twist” or any aspect that you think makes your game unique?

  • Dynamic combat, we will ensure that there will be a lot of action on the screen ?
  • Fights with huge bosses, which look and feel are completely different from fighting standard enemies
  • Each weapon has its own skill and can be upgraded using gems
  • Advanced difficulty system. It is designed to be a part of the overall gameplay. The higher you get the more enemies, new bosses, maps, paths, weapons, etc. you will unlock 🙂

Did you get inspired by other titles?

I would say there are many games that inspired us but Doom Eternal, Risk of Rain 2 and Gunfire Reborn are the main inspirations for us.

Tell us more about your pipeline.

Since we started developing AFTERBLAST, Unreal Engine has evolved a lot, and Epic Games has come up with all sorts of solutions to help indie games achieve truly brilliant results. Also, when we started working on the project, we were doing it part-time, but going full-time really helped us to speed up the development.

The design of Afteblast is amazing, from textures to 3d assets. Any interesting hints about your design process?

All our assets are made from scratch. The main pipeline when it comes to the programs is: Blender -> Zbrush -> Substance Painter -> (additional adjustments in Unreal Engine)
Sometimes also Photoshop it very depends on the asset.

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