The shadow jumping game

We can definitely say that SCHiM has a unique style and a very original gameplay! please enjoy this quick interview with its developer, Ewoud van der Werf.

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How did you come up with SCHiM gameplay? It is pretty original 🙂 

The inspiration came from childhood, childlike play that kids make up: shadow tag and only stepping on the cracks in the pavement or the lines at a crossing.

How did you jump into the game development world?

When I was 14 I picked up Unity after a few years of creating animations in Blender. I first made a small test game in the Blender game engine of the time, but wanted to try something bigger and so I tried Unity.

Please describe your project in a few words.

SCHiM is a game about jumping from shadow to shadow in a colorful animated world.

Is there any particular “twist” or any aspect that you think makes your game unique? 

The shadow platforming element is something I hadn’t seen earlier in games, so I consider that to be a pretty unique twist.

Let’s talk about the awesome style of SCHiM! is its particular style adding any complexity to character controls in your opinion?

All of the shaders in SCHiM are custom-made specifically for this project. The player has a small different color outline and is always in the center of the screen when you’re in control, plus the eyes of the character are always facing up when you’re in a shadow, making it a little easier to see where the player is.



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